Course Maps

Course Maps

Swim Course Map

The swim course, starting at the swim beach area at the base of the boat ramp near the dock, is marked with large orange buoys.  Swimming straight out from the ramp you will turn right heading south along the shore, keeping the center buoy on your left, swim to the far buoy just before the next boat ramp.  Swim around the end buoy and head back to the other end of the course near the start continuing to keep the center buoys to your left.  Participants doing the 500m swim one lap, longer distances swim multiple laps, circling the buoy on the north end.  Participants doing the 3000m swim will do 6-laps of the course. Lifeguards and water craft line the swim course along to ensure swim safety and assist with any needs in the water.


At the completion of your swim, exit the water at the boat ramp where you started and run or walk ~50-100 yards (varies based on water level) on concrete boat ramp to the transition area under the shelter. You can set up your transition spot before the swim under the shelter.


The 5k course is entirely within the park on the mostly dirt campsite road. Consisting of small rolling hills, this out and back course curves around the end of the reservoir to a turnaround.  This is a great weekly training run with beautiful views!

5K Course Map